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Maria Loves...Stickmen and Denmark

Deary me.

Deary, deary me.  I missed a post yesterday.  Oh the shame! Oh the horror! I've committed a blogger's sin.  That's fine.  I'm cool with it because that means today's post is extra super special as I've got a whole host of things I'm loving that I'd like to share with you.  I'm afraid your weekly pink-love injection will have to wait until tomorrow...

Read on and enjoy your Friday!

* I loves me some travelling and I sure do loves me some 5* holidays.  But sometimes, the supposed 5-starredness of a holiday doesn't meet your high expectations.  Enter who have put together a list of  how to make the cheaper holiday experience BETTER than the more expensive one. Hallelujah!

* is kinda like the younger, cooler, hipper version of Tripadvisor.  People who've travelled to or live in the destination will recommend hot spots and things to do as well as great boutique hotels. It's still in it's early stages, meaning the numbers of tips and hotels doesn't come anywhere near to that of Tripadvisor but the more we spread the word and the more people use the site, the better it'll get.  If you don't want to be overwhelmed by choice, this is the place to go.

* I love the Sugar and Charm blog and the more I read it, the more I wish I lived in a country home with a vast, luscious, foresty backyard where I could entertain my guests al-fresco.  The wedding and event designers have put together their top tips on Being a Charming Hostess.  I dare you to read these and NOT instantly start making plans for your next dinner party.

* Gala Darling always come up trumps.  The other day as I was perusing her blog, she mentioned this awesomest of AWESOME sites,  It's kinda like Spotify in that people put playlists together and you can listen to them - whatever.  But the beauty of this site is that you don't need to download anything and it's also a lot prettier to look at.  The members write great and oh-so accurate descriptions of their playlists and they will play one after the other without you having to do anything.  It has become my background soundtrack for when I'm working.

* Ingenious or gross, I don't know!  But take a look at the Grossest Billboard Ever for the new film Contagion (in cinemas in the US now and in the UK October 21).  It's got people talking, it's got people feeling, it's got people reacting - job done!

* Continuing in the marketing vein, check out these 10 Big Brands That Stopped Being Cool.  Absolutely fascinating!  I remember when Nokia phones were all the rage. And the truth about the Marlboro Men is positively fascinating.  It makes you wonder what brands today will stop being cool in the not-so-distant future...any thoughts?

* If you, like me, like to look at endless pretty pictures of glorious food (it's almost as good as actually eating it...almost) then have I got the site/app for you!  If you haven't discovered Food Gawker yet you are in for one heck of a treat!  Download for your iPhone or just visit the site, but you will never be lost for pretty pictures of the sweet & savoury stuff.  Click on the pictures and you'll be taken through to their original blog post and recipe (all the pictures are taken from blogs).  There's also the crafting and DIY equivalent, Craft Gawker.

* I am totally and utterly smitten with this Draw a Stickman site.

* The mister and I have been discussing places we'd want to move to if the situation in Greece gets any worse than it is now.  Lately, I've been loving on Copenhagen.  How could I not after reading the below entry on Wikipedia and reading this post of Joanna Goddard's 

"Copenhagen has repeatedly been recognized as one of the cities with the best quality of life. It is also considered one of the world's most environmentally friendly cities. The water in the inner harbour is clean and safe for swimming. 36% of all citizens commute to work by bicycle. Every day, they cycle a combined 1.2 million km."

It's consistently in the top 10 (if not top 5) happiest countries lists (as seen here and here) and has the highest standard of living in the world.  Other Scandinavian countries like Sweden, Finland and Norway are also frequently at the very top of these lists. 

Watch below for some audiovisual Denmark-ian love.


Have an awesome weekend!



  1. I'm having trouble thinking past how gross that sign was...although quite ingenious. Copenhagen sounds like a wonderful place to live! And I love the little "sign" at the end. So true!

  2. the Denmark video made me fall for that place and it just reminded me how much I loved riding bike. but since I moved to London I consider it life threatening... thank you for sharing so many such amazing websites (food gawker = I'm drooling over my laptop right now...)

    and how small is the world! I pass by St. John's Wood almost every day! such a nice location, it's so close to loads of great places.

    An Interesting Distraction

  3. i loved the denmark vid!


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