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Baby Boy Shower (and favourite things)

We didn't end up having a baby shower while I was pregnant with James, but my mom and I were definitely in a baby boy sort of mood in the weeks leading up to my giving birth.

She received an order for cupcakes for a close friend of ours to take to a baby shower and she came up with these dreamy little creations. Those are adorable little baby booties sitting atop cream cheese frosting and strawberry lemon cake underneath . They are absolutely divine and so refreshing for summer events.

You can see more of what my mom does for weddings, baptisms and other special events at
A few of my favourite things

Movies & TV: Why nobody writes about popular TV shows.

Music: I will be losing the baby weight to this Pilates Power Up playlist on Spotify. 

Books: I love anything that has to do with bees and this book sounds truly interesting, in a dystopian way.

Food & Drink: Lemon drop jello shots. A Beautiful Mess do it again!

Travel: I travel vicariously through The Travel Hack's blog and instagram account. I was recently in the Caribbean, didn't ya know?

Blog: I may have mentioned this before but I love discovering awesome Greek lifestyle blogs. (written in English) is one of my faves: she interviews extraordinary people, comes up with mouthwatering cocktail recipes and her photos are to-die-for.

Etsy: Obsessed with this wooden iPhone case.

Brain Food: These clever drawings are unbelievably perceptive. Mind blown.

Science & Tech: Problems staying focused at work. The StayFocused Chrome app is here to help! It blocks out distracting sites of your choosing (looking at you Facebook and Pinterest) while you're at work.
Have a happy weekend!

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