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A Walnut Bread Kind of Day

I had a bit of  a scare last week. I was positive I was going into labour. For about two hours straight I had this constant contraction-like pain. It felt strange because contractions usually come and go in waves -- but this was just a constant sharp pain in my abdomen.

Luckily, it was nothing and Bubba No. 2 is staying put for the time being. This might sound insane, but I wouldn't mind if he delayed his arrival until his due date of May 26. This would make him a Gemini, one of my favourite star signs. But if he decides to enter the world a Taurus, I'm ok with that too!

My hubby would be doing some major eye-rolling right about now.

Anyway, my mom's walnut bread makes everything better. There's just something so comfort-foody about it. Don't you think?

A few of my favourite things

Movies & TV: Tommy Wiseau's 'The Room': the biggest practical joke in cinema history? You have to watch this YouTube clip.

Music: I can't stop listening to this Katie Herzig tune from the Saving Mr. Banks trailer. I know; I'm so late to the game.

Books: I'm really into my sci-fi lately and I've got Hugh Howey's Wool Trilogy on my list.

Food: Have you ever tried eggy bread? My cousin hadn't until a couple of months ago and it blew her mind when I made it for her.

Blog: I'm instantly put in a good mood the second I click onto Rebecca Mcloughlin's blog. It's just so pretty! 

Etsy: I'm coveting this cute elephant diaper bag and all its accessories.

Brain Food: I can definitely get behind these 10 New Commandments. 

Science & Tech: Engineered vaginas. What will they come up with next!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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