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I just totally loved this. It's based on a poster that Swiss Miss came across at her daughter's school and someone from the comments turned it into a proper typographic poster which you can purchase here.

I'm not much of a talker, so I like to think that I go through these steps unconsciously before opening my mouth. But I know a fair few people who should heed this advice.

It reminds me of this article about extroverts and introverts. Admittedly, the writer is rather harsh towards extroverts. But as a die-hard introvert myself, I'm totally loving his description of my kinfolk:

"Are introverts arrogant? Hardly. I suppose this common misconception has to do with our being more intelligent, more reflective, more independent, more level-headed, more refined, and more sensitive than extroverts...." 

And an example of the harshness towards extroverts:

...The worst of it is that extroverts have no idea of the torment they put us through. Sometimes, as we gasp for air amid the fog of their 98-percent-content-free talk, we wonder if extroverts even bother to listen to themselves." 

Do you know anyone who should have this poster taped to their bathroom mirror?

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