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Fudge. Because why not.

Yesterday, I made fudge with my mom. It's so easy to make - which is dangerous! Just get some good quality chocolate, some sugary condensed milk, butter and powdered sugar. Mix all together on low heat, pour into a tray, stick in the fridge for about an hour and you've got fudge. I believe she adapted this recipe. 

The fun part comes in choosing what to put in your fudge. We went for Snickers and Mars for the one batch, and white chocolate, milk chocolate and After Eights in the other batch. The batch above is white chocolate and Reeses Pieces bites. DELICIOUS.

Oh and you might have noticed the chocolate chip chunk cookies thrown in for good measure.

I'm trying to lose the baby weight and my mom isn't helping. I think I might just stick to taking photos of her creations. Which brings me to: I think I've discovered a new interest - I'm really really enjoying photographing and styling my mom's creations. I want to learn everything there is to know about food styling and photography. 

Any advice and suggestions are welcome!

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