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Routine with Baby?

Isn't it such a joy every time the weekend comes around? To be fair, weekdays and weekends don't differ too much for me because I work from home. What does change is the routine. For starters, we get to have hubby/daddy all to ourselves for a whole two days. Secondly, we often go out for lunch with my parents, which is always fun.

This week, I've been fairly successful in starting up a new weekday routine - it involves exercise and some much loved sun. We're lucky enough to have a small pool on our roof terrace, so once Henry's had his breakfast, I take him upstairs in his car seat and sit him down with some toys while I do 50 laps in the pool. It's been totally refreshing and energising. I've managed to do it every day this week since Sunday, and that's quite a feat with a demanding baby. I guess it's all about establishing a routine for him. And it goes without saying that his routine is my routine. 

It's been quite a challenge trying to fit everything I need to do in a day within two hour spurts (ie. the time between feeds). But what I've discovered in my three months as a mother, is that this new added time pressure has made me more efficient. Before having Henry, I would probably laze around on the computer or on my phone while hubby got ready for work. Now, I'm straight up doing chores around the house and more recently, exercising. And what I'm really trying to master is multitasking during Henry's brief periods of calm. While he's feeding, I'll also read a book or answer emails on my phone. While I'm walking him around the room, I'll put my ankle weights on and do some exercise or learn French using a recently purchased audiobook (hoping that maybe he'll pick up a few words too!).

I know it probably goes against the norm, but I'm seeing that having a baby has made me more organised, efficient, motivated and, of all things, fit! Apart from these things, I'm pleased to say that having a baby hasn't changed me in any other respect. Or, at least, that's what I think!

Maybe someone should ask the husband...

P.S. We're off to Aegina again this weekend! Woo hoo! Also, as some of you may have heard, it's bye bye for Google Reader after July 1, so make sure you follow along through Bloglovin' (link below).

Did having a baby change you? And in what ways?

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