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Maria Loves... Mindy and The Quiet Life

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I'm a day late with my Things I Love Thursday! But who's counting, right?


My Monday nights are now empty without Mindy. Here are 8 Reasons We'll Miss Mindy Over The Summer.

The Sales Secret Many Marketers Ignore.

'It's OK to be Happy with a Quiet Life'. I LOVE this post by Katie at House of Humble. I'm totally feeling it.

What does it mean this days to be a Good Wife?

I love a good Mad Men wardrobe analysis.

Start a Blog Before You Go To Bed Tonight.

I love this post by Gala Darling about how she left the corporate world to make a living as a blogger.

If this isn't the most inspiring thing you'll read all weekend then I want to know about it.

This clip has had it's fair share of cyber coverage, but I can't get enough of these reactions to the latest Game of Thrones episode. I, too, WEPT for dear life.

I want to live in this airstream!

LOVELY THINGS (in life right now)

Sleepy baby smiles. Fresh summer strawberries. Weekend trips to islands. Best friend visits. Planning summer vacations. Billy Byrson's 'At Home'. Ferry rides. Homemade popsicles. Flossing. Lunch by the sea. Seagulls. Aegean blue. Baby bubbles. Crazy cute kittens. Lemon blueberry cake. Juicy cherries.

What are you loving this week?

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