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Not Very Well Today


I promised myself I would never post about my inane day-to-day goings on and that every post should aim to be either informative, enlightening, amusing or just down right cool.  This post does not fall into any of those categories, as it's really about the state of my health.  Which is not so good right now.  Its lucky I work from home as they'd NEVER let me send emails from under the duvet at the office.

That's enough for now! Instead, I'm going to pick up where I left off in my Made in America series.  Are you ready to learn?!


"The man responsible for the layout and ambience of the modern shopping centre was not an American but a Vienniese named Victor Gruen.  Ironically, Gruen's intention was not to create a new and more efficient way of shopping but to recreate in America something of the unrushed cafe-society atmosphere of European city centres." 

"Shopping centres - or shopping towns, as he preferred to call them - were to be gathering places for the neighbourhood, focal points of the community where people could stroll and meet their friends, dally over a coffee or an ice-cream and only incidentally shop."  Where did it all go wrong?!

Before you know it, "shopping mall design became a science.  No one any longer thought about the idea of encouraging people to linger or socialize.  Benches were built without backs so that people wouldn't linger on them, and food court tables given just enough crampedness to induce a sense of discomfort after about 10 minutes."

"Victor Gruen's vision of people sitting with cappuccinos, reading newspapers on gripper rods provided by a thoughtful management, or playing chess besides whispering fountains never materialised."

Unless, it has?  Is there a shopping mall near you that's anything like Gruen's original vision?



  1. Feel better. There's a lot going around these days. I think that one of the malls outside of Minneapolis was the first indoor mall in the country. I hate indoor malls. I'm originally from CA.

  2. love love love this. so interesting. outdoor malls are my favorite. thanks for sharing. I've got a new ring obsessed post. Love to hear what you think. xo

  3. get well soon! I think it's just this horrible time of the year when most of the ppl get ill (at least that's what's happening with me and my friends now...)

    oh, I think that Gruen's vision is way too idealistic. though in Europe we're lucky enough to have places where we can just sit, drink a cappuccino and enjoy being with friends!

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