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Movie Musings: Blue Drive Marilyn

The Blue Valentine stars in two very different movies.

A film I worked on last year, Blue Valentine, was the most compelling and heart-wrenching film I've seen in a long, long time.  Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling are a beautiful, young couple who get married too young and too quickly but they are so completely in love with eachother that it's possibly the most romantic thing you've seen.  

Flitting between the past and present day where the passage of time has made Dean (Gosling) that little bit chubbier (but still strangely sexy) and Cindy (Williams) a lot more tired and frustrated, the contrast between the love they once shared and what has resulted in the complete and utter breakdown of their relationship will possibly crush the hopeless romantic in you.  

Don't watch this with your significant other (you'll only want to pick a fight afterwards) and don't let it get you down on relationships.  Although, this film may make you feel that relationships are completey futile endeavors, they really are NOT.  The pitch-perfect, finely tuned performances make this a very unique experience.  You'll be thinking about it for weeks to come...

Drive has the same pondering sombre-ness of Blue Valentine.  It's nothing like it in terms of subject matter (in honesty, it doesn't really have much of a subject matter).  But it's dark, it's beautifully shot, Ryan is fabulous in it and it's got one killer soundtrack.  Don't watch if you don't have a strong stomach as it gets unexpectedly violent at times.  But seriously, this is one AWESOME soundtrack.  Straight out of the early 90s.  Have a listen.

Keeping up with My Week with Marilyn, check out the latest poster.  Doesn't Michelle look fabulous again?!  The film has Oscar written all over it.


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