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Movie Musings: Midnight in Paris

Whimsy. Beauty.  Humour. An absolute delight!

If you're looking for something to watch at the movies this weekend can I thoroughly recommend Woody Allen's Midnight in Paris?  It is positively wonderful! 

Owen Wilson plays successful Hollywood screenwriter to Rachel McAdams spoilt fiancee.   On a trip to Paris with the in-laws he discovers that he longs to pursue a more meaningful existence: that of the life of a struggling artist.  Throw in a clock striking twelve at midnight and the subsequent appearance of a mysterious vintage car and you've got the makings of a modern-day fairytale.

I don't want to say too much, but I find this film is completely out of character for Allen.  And I mean this in a good way!  It takes you on the most wonderful  ride through the streets of beautiful Paris in modern day, right through to the flapping 20s and even the Belle Epoque.  And through the whole thing, you'll be playing spot the cameo.  It plays like a who's who of the early 20th century creative scene.  It's like you've just been invited to the best party in Paris hosted by the Fitzgeralds, with Hemingway, Dali, Stein and Picasso all making an appearance.  You don't know where you'll be taken next! It's a real adventure and I couldn't stop staring with my mouth embarassingly agape the whole time (I guess it didn't help that we were watching from the front row).

It's a truly magical film and the best thing about it is the positively gorgeous way in which Paris is presented.   Although it's obvious that there is quite an overt message being blasted out at us towards the end, about living in the moment and being careful not to wish for things that can't happen, you'll really only be thinking about when you can get the next plane out to gay Paris!


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