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The Many Faces of Henry

On Monday 8 April, you turned one month old. You're a big boy now! We're no longer counting the days - it's whole MONTHS from here on in. You've learnt to focus on our faces with those big round eyes. We don't know yet what colour they'll be and we can't wait to find out! Grandma would put money on them turning blue (just like your Daddy's) but I'm convinced they'll be darker. 

You pull such funny faces and make us laugh uncontrollably: grumps and frowns, pursed lips and wide-eyes, questioning brows and squinty smiles, shocked looks and wide grins. Your repertoire is never-ending! And yesterday, the pediatrician even confirmed that when you smile, you really do mean it now (and it's not just the face you pull when you get gassy).

You're slowly learning to hold your head up high and you're making the most adorable little sounds: 'coo', 'aah', 'goo'. You've given Mommy and Daddy a few hard times at bedtime (although you're getting better now), refusing to go to sleep no matter how tired you are lest you miss something (nothing exciting going on here, we promise!). 

You're driving everyone around you crazy with your utter cuteness. Grandma can no longer form proper sentences in your presence and your Grandpas have a permanent grin on their faces. You love having Daddy walk you around the room (sometimes, it's the only way you'll fall asleep, much to Daddy's dismay), and you're just about getting the hang of tummy time.

This weekend, you met your cousins for the first time! We hope these relationships bring you lots of joy in the future (cousins are just the best). Grandma even made you a delicious towering apricot cake to celebrate your 1 month birthday, but Mommy forgot to light the candles (you were asleep) and we ate it anyway. This weekend, you'll even meet your other Grandpa for the first time. He. will. go. nuts.

You wriggle around like a little worm, and yet you look so much like a little bean... Our little Henry Bean (aka Beany Bean, Stinky Bean, Beany Boo/Bonce).

This song will always remind me of your first month...

We can't wait to see what the next month brings...


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