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The Little Things

Sprinkles make everything better

When I'm feeling blue all it takes is a cup of authentic Greek frozen yoghurt covered in sprinkles, fresh strawberries and chocolate buttons to really lift my mood.

The last few weeks have been slightly tougher than usual. While it's great to see family, it was quite tiring having visitors come over from the UK one after the other with only one day apart between each new set. I can't blame them for being excited to meet Bubba, but the whole thing has taken its toll.

I don't let myself wallow too much in things that trouble me. The last few weeks have made for wonderful memories and I shouldn't forget that these have been happy days which we'll all look back on fondly. I haven't been allowed to forget how quickly time passes when you have a small baby (one blink and Henry will be a grumpy 15 year old asking to borrow the car), so I try to remind myself to cherish every single second with him. I stare at him for minutes on end, trying not to blink, as if somehow, by doing this, his picture perfect image will forever be emblazoned in my memory and I'll be able to call on that image and feel exactly as I do now. I think about what priceless treasure has entered my life and everything else seems so small.

However bad I'm feeling, though, it only takes the aforementioned cup of fro-yo and a day of endless sunshine to make all my (silly) little worries melt away. 

And that's all it should ever take.

What gets you out of the doldrums?

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