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Summer is right around the corner and I'm so excited about what this means for me and my little family! Wide open balcony doors, warm breezes, endless sunshine, afternoons by the pool, refreshing cocktails, salty beach swims, sand between our toes... Seriously, summer trumps all the other seasons and I don't care WHO knows it!

I can't wait to take Henry to the beach and play with him in the sand. I can't wait to dip him into the sea for the first time with his little ridiculous arm floats. I can't wait to take him to my family's home island and continue the family tradition of going there every summer. For my sister and I as kids (and then as wily teenagers), the summer would only truly start when our feet landed on the warm soil of the island of Chios. We plan to go in August and did I mention I can't wait?!

For now, my in-laws are visiting from the UK and we've been going out for long walks with Henry and BBQ-ing on our roof terrace. Yesterday, we went out for Mexican food and that's when I felt the first hints of summer. The alcohol-free lemon sorbet at the end of the meal was the real deal sealer for me. Summer, it's been too long!

Did I mention how cute Henry is looking in his stylish summer outfits? Seriously, this little dude does not look 5 weeks old.

What are you looking forward to the most this summer?

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