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Island Easter

I love Easter! Not only is it an excuse to eat copious amounts of chocolate and meat, but the weather tends to be damn near perfect. It's hot enough that you can wear short sleeves but not too hot that it's uncomfortable.
I especially enjoy spending Easter at my Dad's gorgeous house on the island of Aegina. We spent the weekend over there doing all the traditional things Greek Easter calls for -- having a midnight meat feast after church (although hubby and I passed out before that), getting the lamb on a spit, cracking eggs and just generally spending the day relaxing and drinking by the pool (minus the drinking for me). Poor hubby, though, spent a lot of the time chasing after Henry as my Dad's house is the least childproof house in the history of childproofing. Henry was so good though -- all things considering!
It's starting to smell a lot like summer around these parts -- and I'm so excited!
                                                                Have a wonderful day!


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