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In September last year, I had the absolute pleasure of shooting a baptism for which my mom designed a bespoke candy cart, complete with her homemade special Vinta cookies and red velvet cake jars as favours.

It was so fun to see the whole thing come together. My mom made absolutely everything by hand - including the cart! If you'd like to know more about what she does, you can visit the VINTA website here and you can follow her on Facebook here.

I loved looking back through these pictures because it made me want to pick up my camera again and really start learning about photography and how to use the darn thing.

A small little on-going goal I'm setting myself for 2014...

Do you have any on-going goals that keep recurring through the years?

A few of my favourite things

Movies & TV: This atmospheric short sci-fi film hits all the right notes. 

Music: Make music with your keyboard. Rat-a-tat-tat.

Books: I love reading sci-fi. And The Martian is making it onto my Amazon wishlist.

Food: Tortilla pizzas because, hello! they're quick, easy, delicious and you can use whatever toppings you want. They're like skinny pizzas.

Travel: Captainwise is perfect for simple and easy travel: just input your budget and your travel dates and it will tell you how far you can go. It's one of the prettier sites too. They currently only fly out of Athens, Greece but they'll be expanding very soon!

Blog: I never fail to be inspired by creative Kathleen's blog. And now that she's had a beautiful baby boy, I can relate to her even more. Joy!

Etsy: How can you not think happy thoughts by looking at this gorgeous Roald Dahl quote print (pssst -- there are giraffes on it too!).

Brain Food: An article on why people online don't read til the end. Let's see how much of it you get through. (Disclaimer: I didn't actually get through the whole thing. What? I'm a mom -- and pregnant!)

Science & Tech: A beautifully shot, futuristic short film about what it would be like to become one with our apps.

Have a wonderful week!

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