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Almost There

 Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookie Mini Cupcakes from Vinta Truffles

 This is it! The final stretch.

Two more days until I check into the hospital for my induction. That is, unless this little guy decides to make an appearance before then! While I understand the reasons behind having to be induced, I'm also kind of sad that I'll miss out on the element of surprise of a completely natural labour: the false alarms, the frantic rush to the hospital, my water breaking in a humiliating way... Who knows? That may all still be in the cards!

What a week, though! After suffering an excruciating toothache since Wednesday last week, I finally took the plunge and had an emergency root canal done yesterday. A root canal and labour in one week! No one can possibly question my high threshold for pain. I am so thankful that I won't have to greet my little man with all this pain going on in my face. I can finally focus on his arrival!

Next time I post, I may just be a mama...


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