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My First TILT: Maria Loves...

Things I Love Thursday. As inspired by the wonderful, awe-inspiring, radically self-loving Gala Darling.

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How cer-azy is this!?
Did someone say watermelon mojito pops?! Yes Please!

This post by the wonderful Katie of 'Running on Happiness'
This recipe for mouthwatering scones
Absolutely anything and everything that has to do with Soap & Glory

Until next week...

Maria xx


  1. OMG those mojito pops are the best idea I have seen all day. What a cute idea and how appropriate for the first weekend of summer!! Thank you for the delicious and creative idea.


  2. yum... i need some watermelon mojito pops...

  3. I found you on the Sits comments. Holy crap I love everything you posted here! Totally a new follower--and may I say great idea for thursday posts. I used to do Thrifty Thursday. But I think Things I Love Thursday is better. More fun, and no thought to cost! haha!


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