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Ice Cream, You Scream...

We all scream for ice cream.

I love love LOVE ice cream and I'm particularly excited about it this summer.  Maybe it's because there's a Ben & Jerry's opening up right around the corner (very easy reach...too easy). Cherry Garcia anyone?

Although, I can't be too hard on them as they don't actually serve my favourite ice cream combo EVER which is Haagen Dazs' raspberry sorbet with milk chocolate topping.  Heaven in an ice cream bowl.

But I do love all my ice creams.  So imagine my utter glee when I received my daily Emerald Street email which had all to do with new ice cream trends.  And they all sound deli-YUM-cious.  Check out my faves below.


Can you imagine a more divinely chocolate caramely coconutty combo than this?  Those morsels are just crying out to be devoured.

If you didn't already know, make sure to put April 12 in your calendar as Ben & Jerry's do a yearly 'Free Scoop Day' in select locations.  Check out the website to find a location near you for next year! 

Ben & Jerry's Coconutterly Fair

If you were to ask me what my favourite ice cream van option is it would hands down be the Fab Lolly.  This year they're updating the long-favoured formula with a traditionally English combination.  Takes you right back, doesn't it?

Fab Lolly Apple & Blackcurrent

Made fresh from their barn in Hampshire in the UK Jude and her husband pride themselves on bringing you the best of The English countryside. With yummy flavours like the Hokey Pokey (golden mix with handfuls of honeycomb thrown in), Strawberry Tease (with real strawberries), Double Choc and Ginger Spice, you can't go wrong.  

With their gluten free recipes and 10% of profits going to charity, you'll be doing good by yourself and others simply by indulging your sweet tooth.  And I see a whole world of potential for those adorable stripey tubs. 

Jude's Ice Cream

Ok so this may not exactly by the one to seek out when you're looking after your curves, but Tesco's new range of luxury ice creams promises a lot in the way of pure indulgence.  I can feel a billion calories piling on just by reading the name aloud.

Chokablok Billionaires Shortcake

And finally for something entirely different.  If you'd ever wondered what ice cream made of black sesame seed, lychee, chocolate and chilli, Turkish Delight and lime and lemongrass would taste like, then look no further than Yee Kwan's award winning recipes.  They are sure to transport you to a world of ice-creamy Asian goodness.

Lime and Lemongrass Ice Cream


Haagen Dazs Banoffee Ice Cream

Icing on the Cake (cake-flavoured!) Ice Cream

The Ice-Creamists


  1. Geia sou back from the same sunny Athens :))))
    Thanks so much for the comment, it lead me to your blog.
    This post is killing me considering what I did yesterday and the last thing I need is more sugar!
    If you read my yesterday's post you can probably understand :)

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  2. Now Im craving some ice cream big time! Ben & Jerry's is my favorite.. Unfortunatelly I can't buy it in Croatia :( Happy Friday!

    Fashion Fractions

  3. You made me want to eat ice-cream. There I am, eating a Cookie dough Ben and Jerry's. Check out my blog :

  4. I do NOT need this kind of encouragement. lol

  5. @Mandi

    I know! Neither do I, but there's no harm in just looking, right??


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