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I love PINK

Not the singer, the colour.

I'm 27. I'm a serious girl and whilst in the past I would never admit to liking the colour pink (because in all honesty, I didn't that much) something mysterious has happened and I now get all giddy in it's presence.  I don't own any pink clothes and my nails are never adorned with the hue but when I see it on a blog, in interior design or on a (cup)cake I get all giddy inside.  So for your viewing pleasure, my current favourite things that are pink:

The Secret of Success is Support

Is there a colour that sets your heart a-flutter?

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  1. I'm so excited to be your first commenter! :D Welcome to the blogging world! Beautiful images! Keep up the great work! HAPPY WEEKEND!

  2. Thanks so much Gabby! Love your blog - I get a little flutter of excitement when I see a new post. Hope you have a wonderful (rain-free!) weekend!

    Maria xx

  3. Pretty picture! Love the bike and the house :)

  4. love the cupcake, & adore the bike.

    follow mine?

  5. I love pink! I have since I was young... my mother finished making a pink teddy bear the day I was born & it's been a friend for life and I suspect a huge reason why I'm biased towards the hue :)

  6. I love Pink too! Any bright, bold color gets me excited:-) Love Fuschias, Oranges, Lime Green, Yellow...

  7. J'adore j'adore j'adore the pink bicycle! It is dreamy isn't it! Do you know what make it is? x


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